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Creaciones Cutihogar S.L

Since 1993 we have been dedicated to the preparation of basket coordinates, aimed at the baby.

We create exclusive models, always in line with the latest trends, without forgetting the main objective that is the comfort of the baby, the true protagonist.

You can find our products in the best childcare facilities.

Mission and Values

Our philosophy as a company, is based on the maximum satisfaction of our most demanding customers, and that is why we offer a wide range of quality products with original designs. All this is handcrafted and manufactured entirely in Spain.

Our sales network advises and attends to all our customers. You behind a whole human team and technical means, supporting your management with total intensity and delivery.

human team

To carry out the mission of the company,CREACIONES CUTIHOGAR Has qualified personnel to carry out all its activities.


At the time of creating each collection, in the design department are essential elements:

  • Selection of fabrics: We use the best quality, such as Pique, Baptists, etc. In those items that are in direct contact with the baby, we use 100% cotton, preferably. We always select the most comfortable fabrics and materials for the newborn.
  • Choice of color, its combination is harmonious, avoiding stridencies, to achieve a peaceful environment, without neglecting, at the same time, offer a wide range of possibilities and colors, even daring in certain models.

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